Tourist Tips: Tourist Beaches and How to get there?

Taganga Tourist Beaches

Today we are going to show you our best tourist beaches and how to get there. Taganga has three beautiful tourist beaches.


The Piecerro is the main beach of Taganga where the children, adults and young people of the place come to enjoy the soft sand and the warm water, it is a quiet shallow bay like a swimming pool where you can swim and sunbath.  It is also visited by tourists who come in the evening for a short time to see the amazing sunsets.

Turista disfrutando un romantico atardecer.

The beautiful sunsets of Taganga are those that fall in love with the tourist.

Los Atardeceres son los que enamoran al muestros Turistas.


Playa Grande, primer playa Turistica de Taganga.


You can walk through a beautiful path surrounded by spectacular Dry Forest, (due to our bad environmental habits you can see some plastic bags) the path is medium difficulty and the journey lasts approximately 20 minutes, I recommend you go as a group or with a local guide sometimes it is better.  No dar papaya (this is a Colombian phrase that you may here, and it basically means, don’t make things easy for thieves to steal your personal items).  You can also buy a ticket in the cooperative of lancheros (the pilots of the launches on the beach) for $7,000 per person for a return journey, which lasts 5 minutes.  Make a note of the boat name, so you can find it again on Playa Grande!

Playa Grande, lugar perfecto para compartir en familia, bajo la sobra de los arboles.

When we get to Playa Grande we will find kiosks with typical foods of the area. You can find beach chairs from a tourist cooperative that rents them for $5,000, and kiosks with tropical juices for $8,000 and the famous Calimeño with their massages.

Calimeño un personaje, su oferta al turistas son los Masajes.

Things to do in Playa Grande: Snorkeling (kayaking) Kayak (with Luis) Worm.

Prices: (Kayak Taganga – Luis)

  • 30 minutes of kayaking $20,000.
  • Tour Kayaking $ 80,000 p / p 2 hours includes (kayak, equipment, Gopro camera and guide).
  • Kayak + Drone 30 minutes and aerial recording $100,000 2 pax.



No dejes de visitar Sisiwaka


Beach located after Playa Grande, you can walk from there by a beautiful path (because of our bad environmental habits you can see some plastic bags) we went through Ancones de Pesca (La Playita) until we reach Sisiwaka with a time of 15 minutes, the magic of this beach is that it is inside an Ancon, fishing area, at the same time you can observe this beautiful tradition.

La experiencia que puedes vivir en Sisiwaka Taganga.

It’s a small beach with a single Kiosk (ask for Maria famous for her fish soup and coconut rice). You can also arrive here by boat from Taganga for a value of $ 15,000 (round trip) or from Playa Grande in Kayak or Lancha.