Tourist Tips: Where to Buy Fish in Taganga?

Where to Buy Fish in Taganga

Tradiccion, mujer Taganguera vendiendo su pescado.


Taganga is a traditional fishing village, and by tradition it is the women who sell the fish for a share as part for the house, for business, or for sale to the people.

Each family has a Transmayo, Chinchorro and Ancon (fishing place) where they rotate the leader so that everyone has a chance. Some families go out to fish in the open sea for long periods to bring different types of fish, for example snapper.

Pargo, La Mano.


For a long time the people of Taganga have the habit of selling their fish to the beach shore (sector la gallera) after a long day of fishing (arrival between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.).

Tipicas mesas a orilla de playa, vendiendo el pescado del dia.

There are three main tables selling fish, the Chino, Sandro, or directly with the fishermen in the boats.


Depending on the type of fish it is sold in two ways: ‘Un Mano’, One hand, this is for the smaller, high volume fish.  This is usually 4 fish, that can fit between the fingers of your hand.  The types of fish are machuelo, ojo gordo, cojinoa, lechero, mamua.  

When the fish is bigger, Salmon, Sierra, Mackerel, Tuna, Albacore, this is sold by the pound (lb).

La Mano de Pescado.

The value depends on the type of fish, it can vary daily depending on the quantity caught. Get there early and do not be afraid to haggle.

My dear friends, you can not miss having this wonderful experience, get close and buy a fish from the fishermen, have an eye that is bright and that you are lucky in some season of snapper or salmon so that you can get it economically.

To enjoy a fish, as fresh as it can possibly be, straight from the fisherman’s boat, cannot be missed.