Know Colombia: Fishing Tradition

Fishing Tradition – Artisanal and Tourist Fishing Village.        


Traditional ancestral fishing who using the same methods and customs, with their own identity.  Fishing with Chinchorro (A type of net) in one of 17 different Ancones (fishing areas) from the tip of the Vigia to Playita Linda. 

Ancones de Pesca Artesanal.

These are the following Ancones that we can find near the bay of Taganga (Geneamaka, Sisiswaka, Monowaka, the Cave).

Primer Ancon de Pesca – Geneamaka –


Ancon de Pesca, Sisiwaka terminando la faena de pesca.

Formerly the Tagangua made this fabric with natural fibers that came from the bark of the Majagua tree and the balsa floats. Nowadays this type of fabric is made with a material called monofilament and the floaters with icopor, this weaving tradition has been passed from generation to generation. Now the community together with the  Town Council are rescuing all these traditions through oratory and practice.

Games of Tradition

Juegos de Tradiccion en los Acones de Pesca ( Domino)

In the Ancones de Pesca Artesanal, the fishermen to make the wait more enjoyable create play spaces such as La Baraja Española, Macana, Dominos.  Each person who loses his bet is given some stone earrings, the more he loses.

Ya puesta la ollas al fogon.
Faena de Pesca todo un exito, Cojinoa.
Del mar a un rico fogon de leña. Pescado Guisao.