Tourist Tips: How to get to TAGANGA

Tourist Tips ( For Tourist who visit Taganga)

Taganga, Pueblo de Pesca Artesanal y Turistico.

Today we will talk about how to get to Taganga from Santa Marta: Taganga is located 15 bus from the center of Santa Marta and 45 minutes from mamatoco (Buenavista shopping center), on this tour you will go through the fifth race where you can take two routes that have different routes (mamatoco route – shopping center Buenavista) (Route Shopping Mall Ocean Mall) the value of the bus is $ 1.600 pesos.

The schedules of the routes go from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm are very comfortable blue bus and its excellent and very friendly drivers, some take local music as a tradition of the coast, take the experience of the urban bus is something Incredibly easy to learn the local traditions and the tour of the city.

Segunda ruta, llega hasta el centro comercial Ocean Mall

When you go down to Taganga, you pass through Pescaito, a popular neighborhood but with a lot of flavor and local history, well known because it was where our pride of the Samario el Pibe Valderrama family was born, you can see the alternative way that is next to the Port of Santa Marta, We pass the way A view from the beach of Santa Marta, before reaching the beautiful landscape of Taganga Bay View from a beautiful beach (Playaka after we talk about it) we continue and we arrive at the search engine or tourist TAGANGA, here if you come by car In particular, you can compare some of the artisan’s memories (samarios) and take pictures.

The road is narrow and winding with a beautiful landscape with beautiful beaches of a deep blue sea in the distance you can see its two main beaches Playa Grande and Sisiwaka and its fishing ancones (Geneamaka). Its added mountains surrounded by a Dry Forest and house playalleras (holiday rental).

Ruta a taganga

Arriving in Taganga on your right the plant of the University of Magdalena (Faculty of Fisheries Engineering) where a group of natives (Tagangueros) who work very floradamente and organized as tour operators recommend that they do on their beaches.

On the left, observe the cemetery and the two ATMs. (Davivienda and Bancolombia) in turn is the road that leads to the sea (Tourist sector) and the main road to enter the village of artisanal and tourist fishing. Welcome to Taganga.