Tagangan Flavor

Tagangan Flavor

A young taganguero tells me how he learned to cook watching his mother and his grandmother, he would watch his mother poke the firewood stove and put the paila de arroz with enough chive and achote, with a little oil that gives him the taste of Bonito rice, a type of tuna that only arrives twice a year (migratory fish) you can smell the particular Bonito rice. After a while I enjoy eating it with two good patacones a jug of panela water near the stove.

Today, here in the restaurant Luna Mar they prepare the same bonito rice not with the same taste because it is not with firewood but with the same affection that my Mother puts to it.

In the fish alcones (ancestral fishing areas) it is customary to make the fish rice that is in the moment, where each fisherman has his season, for foreign tourists it is a pleasure to try the cachorreta (another type of tuna) roasted with vegetables inside.

El pescador

Among other dishes we have the salpicon de bonito, sancocho de Jurel, Salmon fillet in sauce, fried snapper with patacones. One of the most famous ladies of her time (40 years ago) in making the most delicious rice was Margarita Matos.




Among the typical recommended restaurants with the Taganguero flavor I recommend: Estrella de Mar, Donde Flor, Mama Zulma, Luna Mar among others, a la carte restaurants with another type of flavor are: Babaganous, Pachamama, El muelle, Bitacora among others.

We wait for you to taste the magic Taganguera.