El Trupillo

El Trupillo

It is a tree known as Trupillo and aipia (recognized in the Wayuunaiki language). It is one of the emblematic trees of La Guajira. It grows at a height of 12 m and has a trunk of 1.20 in diameter. This tree has many benefits.


Los beneficios del trupillo en la playa.

In Taganga by means of the currents of the sea the seeds of the trupillo were arriving where they grew close to the beach and in the area of the runoff.

In the shadow of them they have always met the inhabitants to do their gatherings and to rest, currently the truples are scarce in this area most died of old age and a few struggle to grow.

In ancient times the builders of Bongos which are the largest native fishing boats (with their particular yellow color with red) used the curved branches of the trupillo in the internal structure of the Bongo; I wanted to tell the story of one of the oldest truples that is located in the (piecerro), sometimes its branches by weight have wanted to fall to the ground, but the Taganguera family that benefits from its shade by renting chairs and selling soft drinks, They have pointed with orquetas to keep it upright and thus continue to benefit from its shadow.

There will be more truples along the beach so that more families can continue benefiting from the shade and realize the importance of sheltering a tree.