Taganga, with its first Birdwatchers

Be free as the birds
dare to dream, dare to fly
Do not be afraid of falling from the sky
afraid to stay on the ground without taking off.

The birds were born to fly
to fly with freedom
free will cross the heavens
day and night without hesitation.

No matter how broken your wings are,
Do not stop flying, be like birds
always fluttering, always looking
that freedom they get when they fly.

After having traveled this path day after day observing and learning from the wonderful sounds that are in it, and the particular song of each bird in particular.

Birds of the Dry Tropical Forest of Taganga.

The birds that we see in rainy seasons are very different from the drought season, now in Taganga we have the fortune that has rained, the vegetation is dense and with much food for all kinds of birds.

A good start.


This morning coming out with the dawn, I was walking to meet my first bird watchers (experts and passionate) a Dutch couple, cheerful and observant, trusted me and the environment that was going to give us one morning with different birds, we left walking with Rose Frist, and a Buteo Magnirostris perched on a cactus welcomes us.

Recording a nuthatch.

nos encontramos con nuestros colegas y parlanchinas los loros : Loro carisucio y Loro Bronceado estas son las dos especies que se pueden observar en Taganga. A path that still keeps the magic of the mountains of Taganga.

Magical mountains After a rainy season.
The most precious food of the birds, the fig.
Very happy.

In anticipation of our next visitors, we live the experience in the rainy season.




If you would like to come on a tour to see the bird species of Taganga for yourself, please see our tour, and get in touch.