(Español) Educación para la Sostenibilidad : IV Semana Ambiental

Friends Promise

I hear the sound of falling water, breathe the air from the landscape. Wrapped between the white sheets receive the sun’s heat.

And I feel a strong urge to observe every branch, every leaf, every flower. Open each crystal drop falling from them carefully, making up a monotonous and soothing melody.

Then my eyes feel the soft texture of the soil, every hair slightly raised me by the wind and my gaze pierces fully fund those green beings callers * trees *.

For me, it is not just that. For me, each expresses a feeling, a color … Each one tells a story written by me and my friends in our childhood.

For us they were not just trees. For us were ties of friendship … which united us forever.

Eyler Arenas.


Let us awaken interest in the ecosystem in which we live.

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