Education for Sustainability : 4th Environment Week

Education for Sustainability : 4th Environment Week

4th – 8th, October 2016

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Environmental education is a management tool whose purpose is to provide citizens the information they need to create sustainable development, raising awareness and applying behavioral changes leading to harmonious coexistence between social development, economic growth and environmental care.

Seeding Awareness

This year, don’t miss the big launch of our 4th Environment Week where the educational community Taganga will illustrate to visitors the importance of the native trees of Taganga.

With the theme of Seeding Awareness, groups composed of 20 children of different ages from each of the education institutions of Taganga, under the guidance of a Professor of biology, the young with open their minds to learn the ecosystem of where they live and to leave a mark that never change, this is the beginning of a process of education for sustainability where you are the main tool for these children to continue learning.

Join Us!

With an abundance of trees, without everything seems dry and broken, they are carriers of good omens. Lush forests are signs of diversity of life living in harmony.

Direct interaction with the tree, either sitting under his shadow, climbing branches or ollecting some fruit is symbol of safety and wellbeing, a tree is life and the future of our next generations. Planting a tree gives life.

Our Objectives

To give you one more reason for you joining us in this process, these are our goals.

  • Conduct dialogues of knowledge between the community and the resident engaged in the environmental cause.
  • To understand and fill the gaps in environmental education and the importance of tropical dry forest.
  • Promote sports and physical activities that allow community ownership and recognize the biodiversity of its territory.
  • Disseminate environmental education in the different sectors of the community.

If you would like to support our initiative, providing your time or financially, we welcome all help, please send us a message via our page on Facebook.

Education is the base for the future.