For a “Clean Taganga” 2014 with ESPA

,Campana de limpieza por una “Taganga Limpia” 2014 con ESPA

The bells, the sound of the sea rumbles, quiet streets, people watching and realizing that we must act.

Different NGOs come together for a single cause put to better use to the handling of waste, this past Saturday March 29 in Taganga the cleanup day for a ” Taganga Clean ” was held in conjunction with the company ESPA toiletries by mobilizing nearly 200 people between divers cleaning company environmental groups and the Calypso Foundation, where underwater cleaning is performed in different sectors led by bay Nufar Foundation president , starting with the bottom of the sea, bat cave beach big tip geniamaca Cove .

In the land sector strategy waste separation was used collecting materials that can be reused as all kinds of bags , cardboard, glass and paper, this was led by educators ESPA company who have been working with this strategy in different neighborhoods City of Santa Marta , are covering the fields of boardwalk piecerro entry taganga and broken crescent which was completely covered by the Calypso Foundation together with the group of young college taganga and with the support of some officials ESPA cleaned much of this beautiful valley. The day will start at 9:00 am and ended at 11:30 am where ESPA company along with the Mayor gave incentives groups that collected more waste.

From the depths of the sea collecting all sectors managed to get a ton of trash and in the terrestrial sector and 200 kg of broken crescent 300 kg. The most amazing sea removed materials were wheels, beds etc Pipinas. and terrestrial beds, bags of cement and a lot of plastic.

At the end of the day seeing happy faces joining forces can be viewed complete an objective. Thanks to all who joined us thanks to the companies and NGOs who supported this work.

We invite you to continue our challenge for a “Clean Taganga” the last Saturday of each month will be conducting cleanups taganga different sectors in order to cover a system for recycling and awareness in the community providing an incentive for those who will own decide to join the conference, with six cycles to cover all the population. At the end of the semester we will open a call for all the people in the industry that has better handling recycling beautifying their environment better and better community collaboration.

The sector that earn this merit was rewarded with honors, giving his street name, a plaque says Taganga clean taganguero pride and the facades of its streets (houses) are painted.

G R A C I A S…