March for a better Taganga

March for Action

** This is a translation from the original, my apologies for any mistakes **

For a long time now there has been a problem, but now people are beginning to see this problem more clearly.  It has taken a lot of strength, and has had to leave the hands of the authorities but the community has started to take action.  Young Leaders and representatives of Taganga have joined with a single purpose; to try to end the problems that is effecting tourists, business and lives.

There are three that can be seen every day:

  1. Garbage
  2. Security
  3. Health

The first 2 are the ones seen naked eye, and has right now the greatest feeling amongst the people , about 2 months ago thefts started increasing around the village of Taganga against the tourists without any prejudice.  Without realizing that this short term affect the entire community these thefts are carried out by young people.  Gangs have been with the only intention of scaring the tourists to take money, cameras and laptops.

Usually these thefts are done at any time of the day in the area where the tourist travels alone and insecure roads, every day are followed and every day more are more stories.  This is why the leader Pierine Peñarada, tired of the authorities doing nothing, organized a march last September 19.  With the support of unions, schools, hostels, security agencies and press, the march took place.  It was well received by both the community and visitors.  In an effort to get early settlement organized a second march took place on Friday September 27th but this time the community did not fully support, the authorities were behind the trees and very few union representatives, very few hotel owners.  This time  only the representatives of tourist agencies fully showed there support.

What Does the Community Think ?

An anecdote: I walked along like a fly into the middle of Hollywood, a barrio where they the assailants hide and dwell.  I heard a comment from a women who had a face of malice, trying to look like a small mess had formed in front of her, turned and said to another; “I think these people are clowns and these walks are useless, what they should do is remove the fool that has megaphone, that is not a good example for the people”.

I hope the next gear is better and that young people think a little and realize that what they are doing, it may make you happy for a while but it brings many consequences, not just for you, but your friends, your family, and your way of life.

Everyone had their views, and we all support different things.  I support environmental action and environmental activities, but we are better if we unite and fight for all three problems and, with luck, and hard work, Taganga Village will shine again.