Flying like a Condor

“Since I was a child I have dreamed to climb to the top of a mountain and jump, spread my arms and fly like a condor in the air taking the updrafts and downdrafts and see the world from above.”

Ready To Fly

It was a warm afternoon in Merida the sky was partially uncovered, my friend, my lover, my boyfriend tells me I’m ready to fly, the reservation is made, only I thought to myself this can not be true that I’ll finally do it.  I wait impatiently for the arrival of my instructor is quite a character, the flight is scheduled for 2:00 pm, they call me, I have to sign something which I am responsible.  The door opens is the one Mr. medium chistosito (puppet) and often already old. And I think, that is him? the person I’m going to fly with!   La Poderosa escorting us,  I go out in the car with my instructor, he feels my fear as a vapor out of my pores that adrenaline makes my blood grass.  We go down the mountain and come to a very particular place is as the place where the dreams end is the landing point I never imagined starting backwards, here we take the team and an assistant, now let’s get on the Cerro de la Teta to 1,600 meters , The road is unpaved and narrow, suitable to begin this wonderful experience.

Waiting to Fly

We arrived and there was La Poderosa with his power of winning, the Cerro de la Teta is a plateau where the landscape is welcoming the distance is the city and deep rivers and lakes, is a hill where riders adventures and camper come from their fears, many people to fly if they are not your dreams or just do it for fun everyone will have a reason.


The winds hit hard the wait is long and there are people who are eager to jump into the void, the instructors are normal but mine is special, I am grateful not to have come and flown once, I was pleased to see the landscape and see the unfold of other flights. Our winds have to be calm because we declining to so wait, the winds change a bit, it’s my lucky day then this is for me I do not know whether to scream, mourn, laugh, run, but here I am putting my armor , I look back and a display of wings open is the Paragliding harness this in my armor joins these wings, all are fast, suddenly in the blink of an eye I’m flying, now weeping with emotion I did not is something from another world, but to feel free as the winds hit essentir your body and swing that is suspended moves feel like you come up with the wind currents, feel the mountains near the trees you clouds, the first minutes my body was super tight, then then I started to enjoy these both had sounded, to my boy away at Valley take that memories are stored in an image (photo) the slow one hour flight was airborne, going down slowly each Landing time approaches my instructor tells me list gives some salticos and so was my landing something sounded wonderful thing come true thanks to you to meet you.

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