Aroma Road

Leaving Merida Behind

Perhaps the most colorful route of this trip and that woke me the sense of smell. Taking the road to San Antonio de Tachiquira, place name associated with its splendor; snake like, that starts with a pointed tail and ends with a triangle-shaped head where the buzz is all chaos.
The foothills of the mountains adorned with a green range from turquoise to olive green, hundreds of vegetable crops which beautify the landscape, peasants happy to see his crop to fruition everyone wearing colorful sets collected sprouting potatoes soil.
From the mountains low but pleasant sweet smell is the scent of roses, carnations and lilies, had intense green to shades of red mixed with orange, yellow and violet. I’ve always dreamed of walking through a field of flowers that made me carry my mind.

Lunch at the Andean Mountain Pass

It’s time to eat, we found the perfect spot close to a national park in the corner there is a gentleman with a plant of pikes sason that makes you want to eat them all, the atmosphere is different are actually farmers, and forces retake continue our route.
The changing landscape crops are disappearing fast descent is suddenly burns the sky, in the mountains comes a humarada but not really smoke, is smoke clouds, is a smoke rising slowly. From there highlight the roofs of the village you see in the distance and domes silhouetted against the blue sky noon.

Border Madness

We have reached the state of Tachira, the pressure is strong but follow the ups and downs the snake continues, passing villages and valleys at the end of the belt of mountains that accompanies us closes leaving behind a beautiful landscape and entering my beautiful country; Colombia, on the border of San Cristobal Tachira, a route that does not have to leave, to meet our first Colombian city is Cucuta.