Into the Mountains

Leaving on Saturday in the morning hours, with La Poderosa humming away we headed to one of the Nevados de Merida, just 3 hours by road (Pico de Aguila and Mucubaji Lagoon). Travelling on Poderora is to feel free, to feel the air hitting your face, feel the adrenaline when you spend de repente a car speeding to deal with more tranquility. This winding road where the curves are narrow and you have to be very alert, before coming up there the weather is slowly rising.  The villages near the road are suitable for tourism offering their crafts, something very typical are the afrodiciacas handcrafted wines or drinks that sell close to the road, that if it makes you want to try, it’s all so well as makes you feel good. The temperature rises and the landscape follows me like castles perched sorprendieno simple past, derepente starts climbing the powerful takes all its cornering speed downhill or wow never imagined doing this is something nice but with some panic once the mist covers our faces we got the air is not enough, and breathing is a bit difficult. We have a height of 4,118 meters here we tour the lagoon for a while.