Expedition to the Maracaibo Lake and Catatumbo Lightning

We pick up at the hotel at 6: 30 am in a comfortable van to begin our journey to lake Maracaibo and the famous Catatumbo Lightning.  The guide is an gentleman with a spark of the dreamer and a pleasant personality.
Our first stop is a farmer’s market where we expect a traditional or typical breakfast (garotas, arepas, fried eggs, chorizo and lovely orange juice).  After our stomachs like a drum, back off with a delicious coconut aguita ready for the next stop.

We are headed to the Catatumbo River, boarding boats to begin the adventure.   We welcome a pack of howler monkeys willing to pose for our photos (scratch, preen, stretch, anyway).

Catatumbo River

The river is calm their olive green colors, dragonflies calm waters make these waves form with gentle touches on the surface, suddenly you hear a warning a black eagle enlist our heads spinning our lenses, slow down and the time to capture the moment.

In total there were 3 boats for a total of 10 people aboard the unknown. Water extensions revolve around us, we left the old mother, the river becomes the sea (an illusion), flocks of ducks adorn our skies divers other instant cameras that freezes sounds and only one captures the best time.


Follow our journey without realizing how much time has passed, we arrive in Congo, a village stilt houses (houses above water) drawing attention for its colorful reflections in the water, children with their innocence resembling cans are transported in boats, but that they’re all yachts. Children wanting to draw attention and capture the moment with an angelic smile, holds us back the old mother, monarchs us with her blue dress going from branch to branch garzon suddenly a soldier resting in a bush accompanied by samuros in looking for some animal decomposed.

We arrived at our destination not before saying anything new brings expectations low in a stilt us waiting for nightfall to the unknown, today the sky joins us with a bright round lights across the landscape, and the storm away something to look forward.
The next day Alan our guide takes us to see the forest purest of this sector, the station took a boat for an hour of travel we arrived and only hear the chirping of birds rustling insects flapping bands birds and the soft and slow fall of a leaf, we are here to study the butterflies as our guide is specialized in discovering new sector butterflies baptizing with their names. Late afternoon and the colors adorn the sky, now says the guide breathes storm

Catatumbo Lightning

Today is the day to see this phenomenon tasting the famous storms lie, at midnight with warm weather wakes the sky shining a light on the horizon, all excited a storm and will soon be over, take cameras and look forward trepide first lightning, spend hours dripping sky fall suddenly rumbles and lightning, thunder (sound waves) and rays (electric shock) that make this journey special.

The relationship your tourist with the villagers is a good experience as this can feel like they live and good to have these moments back we saw was like fishing technique for collecting crabs thing that caught my attention, not this but only saw a group of dolphins that were lake above. At the end of the same group of howler monkeys very nice thing to remember …