The Long Road to Mérida

Ready; Set; Nothing.

We are ready to go or we check the bike but no surprise we run out of battery.  It’s time to find a mechanic is the center and everything is very close with the help of a mechanic who in his youth was given traveler to help and accompanies us to the nearest shop that is only 2 blocks from the battery is charged back to the hostel derepente pum bags and climbed back off, the most curious of this anecdote is that in the latter helps pass a motorcycle taxi driver and is pushing the powerful and this in turn turns raring think he has sympathized dita touches the suzuki 100 ajjaja from there we went where Kawasiki mechanical expert for the state police in Maracaibo after a few hours we headed back.

The Fork In The Road

On leaving Maracaibo take towards south along the lake, the road is in perfect condition, and beside it accompanies us people who get along roadways to provide sweet fruit baitidos and empanas region which is very typical in the coast.
The paths are longer since there is a goal to reach before nightfall the State of Merida, to reach the state of Trujillo we are halfway there you can decide whether or spend a night here, there are 2 ways of the stopped the view is more interesting but a little longer or take the short route was almost 4: 30 pm about five hours we road after a short break and return to the route short stretch.
It is very kind see the route the mountains everything is very quiet this sector is a bit more of the time cars are modern and could find yummy gatorade.


After spending tunnels and curves got the State of Merida, Merida is a university town with young cheerful everywhere full of bars and travel agencies, surrounded by its beautiful peaks that give something magical to this place to have a coffee watching the Nevados is something that a simple person does inspire, churches adonar heaven with their domes and Protestant youth adorn its walls with graffiti giving way know your opinion, there are plenty of fruits and refrecos orange and hot empadita is a Natural Park are and extreme sports is a place to meet do not forget to stop by this place.
La Poderosa chequiando this in the medical status and changing some parts, the last recorido we did with her was to go up La Valle to 2,600 meters was the enchanting feel that senscion pasiar freedom and because it is different when you’re on the path she feels different routes is short and adrenaline declining to these curves is something to recoder. Merida and it’s mountains.