To the Venezuelan Border

We left from the city of Santa Marta at 100 kph toward the border with Venezuela at Paraguacho.La Poderosa  The Poderosa’s first trip away from Santa Marta, it is refreshing to feel the air coming down from the mountains and makes the trip more enjoyable.  You quickly start to see the changes in the economy, gasoline prices fall, as does the quality.  After crossing the Rio Ancho we entered the department of La Guajira where we began a long and grueling journey of almost half day through hot, dry desert, the  pavement burns; with only a little fresh wind and no vapor in the air, it is dry, and the hot air swirls across road.  It is a hot and endless road.
We must be very careful because, suddenly, when animals, unhindered by fences, wander into the road; crazy cars, off the road to reach their destination faster, swerve and kick up dust and rocks.
Venezuelan TaxiWe stop at Rioacha, find shade, a break from the scorching sun.  A moment to stretch.  Back to the road, we have reached our destination, Paraguachon.  The border, still a kilometer away, hidden behind an endless row of Cadillacs, some so ramshackled that they could have been waiting there for years.  At the border; the money hustlers have sensed you coming.

The entrance is easy, a permit to stay for 3 months to visit this beautiful country.